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Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions have become the preferred way to deploy many types of healthcare applications. Many organizations prefer this approach because the software vendor handles all the technical nuances of owning, operating and maintaining the system. There is nothing to install or maintain on-premises. Customers can access rich software functionality on a subscription basis, with no capital outlays for hardware, software and IT personnel. Furthermore, because most SaaS vendors are not burdened by legacy hardware and software, they can leverage the today’s mobile, cloud, social and analytic technology to deliver the very latest functionality to customers.

Modern SaaS solutions like BioIQ continue to enhance how patients perceive and experience care. Here are five major benefits to utilizing these platforms:

  • Lower and More Predictable Costs: SaaS solutions are often less expensive than on-premises solutions since they allow customers to avoid the cost of purchasing and maintaining complex hardware and software systems.
  • Simpler Security: Even small healthcare organizations can benefit from SaaS technology since the responsibility for maintaining security and complying with industry regulations is shifted to the service provider.
  • Easier Upgrades and Updates: SaaS technology vendors update and maintain their software without troubling customers with bug fixes and upgrades. Subscribers always receive the latest versions.
  • Improved Accessibility: Cloud-based deployments enable service providers and their end customers to easily access technology from remote locations, without having to install and maintain onsite software or manage the associated data.
  • Better Data Exchange: SaaS solutions enable better, more secure, and more accurate data exchange, since data from many organizations is stored and processed in a uniform way.

BioIQ’s versatile SaaS platform has become the backbone for employers and government agencies that want to measure and improve employee health as well as for hospitals and health plans engaged in quality-improvement initiatives. For participants, the configurable BioIQ platform makes it easy to create online accounts; schedule appointments; locate labs and pharmacies; obtain lab work; complete online health risk assessments; view lab reports and targeted education; and track program activities and incentives. For service providers, the BioIQ platform includes all necessary components to implement population health management programs and integrate the data with the systems of key stakeholders.

Labs, medical clinics, retail pharmacies, medical device manufacturers, nursing staffing agencies, home healthcare providers and ACO networks all depend on this mature population health measurement platform. As this service provider network expands, the real winners are the participants in BioIQ programs, since they enjoy more options and more locations for completing their health screenings—all with a consistent user experience based on BioIQ’s cutting-edge SaaS technology.

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