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When Justin Bellante learned that a simple blood glucose test could have saved the life of his friend and mentor, his life changed practically overnight. He was shocked to discover that his mentor had suffered a fatal stroke as the result of an undiagnosed diabetic condition. Adding to the hurt and frustration was the fact that with the knowledge of his condition, the life of this amazing man could have been saved.

“Most of us passively assume that the healthcare system is going to take care of us,” Justin says. “Yet how could a man who epitomized knowledge and insight be unaware of something so critical? And how can this happen to so many people every day without the underlying conditions being fundamentally addressed?”

After this tragedy, Justin and the other members of the BioIQ founding team began to think about the harsh realities of the U.S. healthcare system. They realized that most Americans rarely visit their doctors, let alone know their critical metrics (glucose, cholesterol, etc.). They vowed to change this sorry state of affairs by helping people get smart about their health. BioIQ was born.

Now a thriving, well-established company that was named by Deloitte as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in North America for two consecutive years, BioIQ helps people take control of their health by encouraging the prevention, early detection, and awareness of chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Working primarily with health plans, healthcare brokers, and employer populations, BioIQ provides a technology platform that conveniently connects people with their vital health metrics by coordinating visits to doctors, labs, pharmacies, at-home test kits, and many online resources.

BioIQ has been founded on the principle of measuring and understanding better health. Its health-improvement programs can be applied across many population types, including employers, exchanges, Medicare, Medicaid, accountable care organizations, and hospitals. Its population health management programs have reached thousands of organizations and millions of people throughout the United States.

Since the company’s inception in 2005, Justin and his colleagues have solidified partnerships and built a culture that is passionate about innovation in healthcare. Like all of the members of BioIQ’s growing team, he is determined to raise awareness about how to prevent chronic health conditions—and keep people on a path to better health.


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