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— Hamoon Hadavand, Vice President of Sales —

Recently I attended the California Association of Health Plans (CAHP) 30th Annual Conference in Palm Desert, California. I have been to this conference for several years and 2015 may have been the best one yet. The CAHP team does an outstanding job of putting together an interesting agenda driven by our industry’s premier thought leaders.

The conference was kicked off by Steven Brill, an award winning journalist, who has always been a strong advocate of making the healthcare industry stronger by identifying areas of weakness. I think this accurately set the tone for the conference. He talked about the positives that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) brought us. He also focused on areas that require immediate, and sometimes dramatic change and effort from the healthcare industry as a whole.

It was encouraging to hear the great work California health plans are doing during a time of a tremendous expansion in the Medi-Cal program, sparked by the ACA legislation. Medi-Cal now provides coverage for more than 12 million Californians.

Biometric screening often came up during conversations with attendees. All health plans emphasize biometric screening. However, their partner labs are incredibly slow to share member data. On top of that, their technology interfaces are not commensurate with 2015 standards. That means screening data is often 30 to 45 days delayed. Would that level of service be acceptable in any other industry?

I was quick to tell my colleagues about the turn-key solutions that BioIQ has developed to drive high levels of engagement, speed up partner interfaces, and provide direct access to a nation-wide network of labs. Online interfaces and HIPAA-compliant interoperability speed up member and results reporting. It’s all predicated on a robust technology platform that uses analytics to drive care management programs and ultimately save lives. The cherry on top is the significant costs savings that organizations achieve by leveraging the BioIQ technology platform.

I am already looking forward to next year’s conference. Hopefully I can make it out to Palm Desert a day early and play the beautiful golf course at the JW Marriott!

– Hamoon


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