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Enhancements to BioIQ HealthSync for iOS and Android tablets streamline onsite health screening events.

BioIQ’s mobile app, HealthSync, is a workflow tool that simplifies onsite health screening events for clinicians, participants and sponsoring organizations. BioIQ HealthSync enables clinical users to control traffic flow, record and upload biometric results in real time, and provide follow-up recommendations to screening program participants. The app eliminates paper processes and syncs test results to a secure, central database, so sponsoring organizations can receive population health data faster and participants can access their results more quickly.

Late last year, the launch of HealthSync 2.0  introduced enhancements including WiFi results printing capabilities, built-in follow-up recommendations based on each participant’s results, onsite venipuncture support and a bluetooth integration with Alere’s Cholestech LDX Analyzer.

BioIQ HealthSync 3.0, which is now available to BioIQ clients running onsite screening programs, further optimizes these events and creates a seamless screening experience for both clinical users and participants through key enhancements, including:

Personal Information Updates: With the 3.0 release, participants can update certain personal information directly within the app during their screening appointment, including an email address and/or home mailing address for receiving results.

Pre-service Questions: BioIQ HealthSync 3.0 supports the ability to configure custom questions that the clinician will be prompted to ask at the check-in station before screening begins. These questions can help ensure a participant has properly prepared for the screening before sending them onto the next station, i.e. “Are you fasting?” Conditional content can be created based on answers to these questions. For example, a client could create a rule to display a cotinine test step only if a participant answers “no” to a tobacco use question. All of these options are configurable from the BioIQ Administrative Console, the cloud-based application that organizations use to configure and manage health testing programs. Once custom questions are configured for an event, they will automatically populate in HealthSync for the clinicians staffing the screening event.

Event Workflows: Screening events are now organized into three workflows to provide onsite staff with additional guidance during each stage of the health screening process. In the Check-In Workflow, participants can check into their service, provide consent and update important account information. The Service Workflow allows onsite staff to enter screening results directly into the app. During the Completion Workflow, onsite staff and participants will review the data collected before submitting it to the BioIQ Platform.

Demographic Rules: BioIQ HealthSync allows demographic rules to be placed on each service step to ensure certain steps only display for participants of a certain age and/or gender.

Satisfaction Survey: BioIQ clients can gauge the satisfaction of both health screening participants and onsite service providers by offering a Satisfaction Survey as a final step in the screening experience. Participants can quickly fill out the survey directly from the app. The scores from these survey can be tracked in real time in the BioIQ Administrative Console.

For more information on BioIQ HealthSync, take a look at our latest Spec Sheet, or contact BioIQ at (888) 818-1594 or

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