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Health plans have millions of dollars at risk over gaps in care. Those gaps directly impact member outcomes, quality reporting incentives and long-term costs for health plans.

Preventive health services represent some of the most commonly unmet clinical quality measures. Closing preventive care gaps can yield high potential for improving overall quality ratings, helping health plans see significant gains in a short amount of time. Preventive health screenings are generally low risk, appropriate for large numbers of people and support reaching fundamental value-based care objectives. Even so, many health plans struggle to juggle the many facets of effective gap closure programs.

Learn how targeted efforts to close preventive care gaps can help health plans improve member satisfaction, boost engagement, raise quality scores and ultimately save lives.

Download the white paper Closing Gaps in Healthcare Means Getting Serious About Prevention to learn:


  • What is at stake when it comes to clinical care gaps
  • Challenges health plans must overcome to effectively address care gaps
  • The core pillars of care gap closure program success
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