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Problem: Your health plan needs to retain its 4-star rating but you just learned you have a very small window to screen a subset of your Medicare Advantage population for colorectal cancer.

You’re up against the same challenges faced by many health plans including:

  • Your members aren’t fully educated on the importance of screenings to protect against colorectal cancer.
  • Your members aren’t proactive in asking for screenings from their PCP because they are asymptomatic or have no family history.
  • Your members are concerned about the costs associated with getting screened.
  • Prior CRC screening initiatives had poor results because member communications weren’t data-driven.

Solution: Read our recent case study to learn how a large southeastern regional health plan addressed all these challenges by partnering with BioIQ to plan and implement a strategy that:

  • Utilized a cost-effective screening method that offered privacy and convenience to its members.
  • Crafted a personalized communication plan to mitigate past problems with low-compliance.
  • Closed the CRC screening care gap in an unprecedented, contracted timeline.

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