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Last month, The Silicon Review profiled BioIQ in an informative article that explains how BioIQ is changing the healthcare landscape by seamlessly connecting people to health testing services.

BioIQ’s proven platform makes testing more accessible, the author wrote, creating more insight for more people—and more touch points with health service partners. Some of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States and many Fortune-ranked companies have standardized on this platform to impact millions of people in these primary sectors: employers, government agencies, marketplace partners and health plans/hospitals.

As BioIQ CEO and co-founder Justin Bellante explained in the article, the Santa-Barbara-based company’s popular health-testing solutions enable people to detect critical diseases and chronic conditions like colon cancer and diabetes through regular screening—often before symptoms occur. Unlike what most people have come to expect in their interactions with the healthcare system, BioIQ brings tremendous convenience and usability to the health testing experience. Customers can connect to BioIQ’s health testing network in a variety of ways such as through at-home test kits, nurse staffing companies, labs, pharmacies, retail clinics and even their own physicians.  

“For more than a decade, our focus has been on solving complex problems with elegant yet simple solutions,” said Bellante. “The company is leading the value-based healthcare sector to address rising healthcare costs, duplication of services, and clinical inefficiency.”

Participants in BioIQ programs can use mobile or web interfaces to track a variety of lifestyle and medical risk factors through a highly personalized experience. In addition, the software platform supports core health service administrative functions and provides service partners with insight into population engagement, trends, and outcomes.

According to Silicon Review, BioIQ began with a vision for convenient and comprehensive health testing programs. But what sets the company apart is its painstaking efforts to automate the population health management process—from both the participant and the service provider perspectives.

The BioIQ platform makes it easy for a covered population to create online accounts; schedule appointment;, locate labs, pharmacies and service access points; get screened; complete online health risk assessments; view lab reports; receive targeted education; and track activities and incentives. The platform also facilitates the secure exchange of healthcare data among employers, health plans, laboratory networks, physicians, hospitals, retail pharmacies, home health care providers and accountable care organizations (ACOs). Thousands of organizations and millions of individuals have benefitted from its health improvement programs.

As health measurement becomes the highest volume activity within healthcare—and the basis for the majority of health decisions—BioIQ will continue to step up its efforts to serve employers, health plans and government entities. BioIQ’s mission is to measure 100 million people, and the company is well on its way to achieving that goal.

Take a look at Silicon Review for the complete article.

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