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— Tracel Wilt, Vice President of Government Sales, BioIQ —

Do you run a wellness program that requires you to manually schedule thousands of people per year for events, such as annual physicals or biometric screening appointments? I’ve been surprised at how many of my government colleagues are still using the spreadsheet equivalent of the Franklin Planner for scheduling. I just dated myself, but if you’re like me, you probably smirked at the memory of that bulky calendar. Back then, to schedule an appointment, someone had to call me or I had to call them to see what times were available. Depending on the iterations of phone tag or out-of-office days, it could take hours to schedule a 30-minute meeting.

I couldn’t imagine ever moving away from my precious paper calendar and adopting a virtual one, let alone a calendar that lives in the cloud. While I was resistant to lose control of my planner, the transition was ultimately liberating. I could instantly see when others were available for meetings and schedule events without wasting time playing phone tag.

Similar productivity gains are available with BioIQ SoftSuite™, a configurable healthcare technology solution that includes a virtual healthcare scheduling tool. BioIQ SoftSuite can save your staff many hours of time. For example, if you need to schedule your organization’s annual biometric screening appointments, you simply supply a list of your members and BioIQ does the rest – including engaging people with tailored communications, motivating them to schedule screenings, and reminding them of their appointments.

BioIQ SoftSuite includes an online portal that allows participants to see all the screening locations and appointment times available. This makes it easy to measure your population’s health and help people achieve their desired health outcomes.

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BioIQ SoftSuite can also automate data integration and results reporting, with secure personal health dashboards for participants and program management dashboards for your staff. The entire process is seamless and secure.

I made the move from paper schedules and spreadsheets and I know you can, too. Let’s discuss how BioIQ can help your department increase productivity.

Contact our government team at or call me directly at 910-599-5422. I look forward to hearing from you!

– Tracel

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