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The BioIQ mobile app, which simplifies onsite health screening events for clinicians, participants and sponsoring organizations, is now BioIQ HealthSync. The new name is intended to better reflect the functionality of the app, which eliminates paper processes at screening events and syncs test results to a secure, central database in real time, so that sponsoring organizations get population health data faster and participants can access their results more quickly.

Here’s a brief overview of how we designed the app, which is available on iPad and Android tablets, to simplify onsite health screening events for a variety of stakeholders.

For organizations: Onsite screenings have long been a staple of employer health fairs, and they are quickly gaining traction among health plans as a way to provide health services to hard-to-reach members. Enabling these events with technology makes participation more appealing to participants, by facilitating a faster and more seamless screening experience. BioIQ HealthSync also enables organizations to provide clinicians information about additional wellness programs they offer, so they can provide custom recommendations and inspire follow-up action based on individual participants’ results or other data the employer has on file.

For clinicians: BioIQ’s clinical staffing partners rely on the BioIQ Platform to streamline every aspect of a population health measurement program for their employer clients. BioIQ HealthSync simplifies onsite events by replacing the paper forms that were traditionally used to record participants’ screening results. Digital results entry in BioIQ HealthSync means fewer lost results, fewer errors, and zero time lost on manual data entry. Integrations with medical equipment used at screening events, such as the Alere Cholestech LDX cholesterol analyzer, means certain test results can be wirelessly transmitted to the app directly from the testing device.

For participants: BioIQ HealthSync is designed to provide a convenient experience to people who need to get screened. Features in the latest release enable walk-in participation, so people can choose to get screened during a health fair, for example, even if they haven’t signed up in advance. There are also opportunities to interact throughout the process: Participants can tap to request an email summary of available next steps, or enroll a spouse or dependent in the program. Because HealthSync automatically syncs participant results to the BioIQ Platform, participants can access detailed results shortly after the screening, including links to resources based on their individual risks, information about other wellness programs offered by the sponsoring organization, and forms to facilitate a discussion with their primary care physician.

HealthSync 2.0, which includes enhancements such as WiFi results printing capabilities, built-in follow-up recommendations and onsite venipuncture support, is available for use by BioIQ customers running onsite screening programs.

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