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In an article with Healthcare IT Today, BioIQ’s Chief Analytics and Technology Officer Deborah Dean delves into the potential for payers and providers to work together on data-driven initiatives to drive clinical and financial improvements. She touches on the use of analytics in the respective markets, highlighting health plans’ advanced use of analytics as a cue for provider organizations.

The author cites examples of the ways analytics has served healthcare organizations to date, including contract pricing and actuarial work, fraud and loss analysis, and service and in location determinations. The next step for payers and providers, as Dean puts it, is “to use analytics and artificial intelligence to interact with their patient base and tailor each person’s healthcare journey with the right communications strategy.”

She concludes with recommendations to support data-driven collaboration between the two healthcare industry facets, including tips on:

  • Overcoming infrastructure challenges
  • The important role of SDOH data
  • How to manage data exchange and integration

To learn more, read the full article: How Health Data Analytics Can Promote Payer-Provider Partnership


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