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– By Mai Torralba, Vice President of Product Development, BioIQ –

In my last post I alluded to the ever-evolving BioIQ SoftSuite platform, a suite of configurable technology solutions that can be re-branded by our partners, including a physician ordering system, results reporting system, data integration hub, and many administrative components. But how did BioIQ SoftSuite actually come to be? It began as a direct offshoot of our fundamental charter: to empower people, through technology, to take charge of their health—and have a great experience along the way. As a personal aside, this also happens to be the reason I joined BioIQ: I relished the opportunity to lead our product organization as it cultivates the “voice of the customer.” That’s a phrase we use as an organization to describe the in-depth process of meeting customer expectations.

And what are those expectations? They stem from BioIQ’s overall mission: to connect populations to healthcare solutions. For a growing number of our partners, SoftSuite is at the heart of that mission.

BioIQ began with a vision for convenient and comprehensive biometric testing programs. But what launched the company—and continues to differentiate it to this day—was our painstaking efforts to automate the entire process. We made it easy to create online accounts, schedule biometric screenings, locate labs and pharmacies, complete online health risk assessments, view lab reports, and track incentives. We accomplished this high degree of automation through iterative development, continually obtaining feedback from our customers and partners throughout the product lifecycle.

We brought this same spirit of cooperative development to our solutions for health plans and healthcare providers. This ten-year effort has became the foundation for the BioIQ technology platform. Our healthcare partners can now utilize key components of this platform as BioIQ SoftSuite. It also has mobile capabilities for streamlining on-site health screening events, automating pharmacy flu programs, and more (see my last post for details).

When it comes to interfacing with participants, pharmacists, wellness administrators, and anybody else who interacts with the BioIQ platform, we believe healthcare should be treated like any other consumer experience: easy, efficient, and personalized. To that end, SoftSuite will continue to evolve to ensure a seamless experience through all points of engagement.

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