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Last month, BioIQ released significant enhancements to the BioIQ Platform. We caught up with Product Manager Matt Denius for a quick Q&A about what the release means for the healthcare quality management market and BioIQ customers, which include some of the country’s largest health plans.

BioIQ is a leading provider of care gap closure solutions for health plans, and this release marks the start of a series of long-awaited features and functionality. Over the coming months, additional updates will include enhancements to program configuration, member engagement and reporting and analytics.

What can health plans expect in this release of the BioIQ Platform?

The most in-demand new features for health plans include enhancements to communication configuration, member-level management and reporting. We’ve built communication tools into the BioIQ Administrative Console, so health plans can create and launch their own interactive voice response (IVR) campaigns and customize lab report cover letters for sharing test results with members.

We also released enhanced reporting and analytics tools that provide detailed insight into overall program results and population health, as well as the ability to drill down into key population segments to better understand and address risks. Those same segmentation capabilities can also be applied to program data, so health plans can better identify which groups are engaging in the program, as well as those that may require additional communications and reminders. That’s actionable data that can be leveraged throughout a program to improve its performance.

In addition, we added the ability for health plan administrators (with PHI access) to view member-level results data, and to quickly filter that data to populate a list of critical or high-risk results. This capability allows health plans to quickly follow up with their highest-risk members to ensure they take the appropriate follow-up action, whether that’s visiting their doctor or enrolling in a plan-sponsored disease management program.

What was the drive behind offering enhanced communication capabilities?

There’s been a shift in the care gap closure market toward member engagement, and for good reason. BioIQ’s data shows that the more touch points a health plan has with a member, the more likely he or she is to participate in the program. Providing plans with ways to quickly configure and launch a communication campaign gives plans the power to intervene in real time to boost program performance with additional reminders and communications. This becomes even more powerful with our enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities. Plans can now segment members by program status and target members who have yet to opt into the program, return their completed test kit, or take other desired actions.

You mentioned reporting and analytics were a major part of this release. Why are these features so important to health plans?

It is no surprise that today we all have massive amounts of information readily available. This allows us to make informed decisions quickly and more accurately. Health plan quality professionals using BioIQ are no different. Knowing when to scale up or scale down engagement and care gap closure strategies is important, especially when a plan needs to significantly improve a specific quality rating.

BioIQ’s advanced reporting and analytics allow quality professionals and others at health plans to better assess the performance of their gap closure programs, as well as the risks within their populations. This can not only help them close screening care gaps, but also reduce lifetime treatment costs for expensive but preventable conditions. BioIQ’s client services team is available to help health plans better understand their data, which is filterable, exportable in CSV and standard EDI formats, and most importantly, provides quick access to data to make better-informed decisions.

Why is this update considered a major milestone for BioIQ users?

BioIQ has a bit of a reputation for being the product that you set up and forget. As a BioIQ employee, it is great to hear that our product has helped make our customers’ lives easier. For this reason, one might consider not to fix what “isn’t broken”, but we know that while BioIQ in its current state is rock solid and reliable, it is only as good as meeting its customers’ needs. And we need to stay ahead of those needs without compromising quality or cost.

This release is the first of several on a path to modernize the BioIQ Platform and ensure it is easy to use and meets the needs of both health plans and the members they support. The BioIQ Administrative Console puts the power into health plan users’ hands — for both configuring health testing programs that close care gaps, and managing and tracking the success of those programs. This is a task that we don’t take lightly, and part of that is maintaining the qualities of the solution that our customers have grown to love and trust while continuing to offer self-service capabilities that allow health plans to be as hands-on or as hands-off as they like with creating and managing their programs.

Several ‘under the hood’ enhancements will make way for some exciting updates in the near future.

That’s right. Not every enhancement we do is flashy in nature, but that doesn’t mean it’s not required. In this release, we focused on enhancing a few of the core components that are required for upcoming changes. For example, we have added the ability to designate various administrative roles so that health plan administrators can assign different levels of access to different stakeholders. This update will help pave the way for future enhancements that allow both internal and external stakeholders to access the BioIQ Administrative Console to further streamline sharing of data across the continuum of care.

Can you give us a sneak peek into what users can expect in future releases?

I don’t want to give too much away, but at a high level here is a short list of items in the lineup:

  • Further reporting and analytics enhancements
  • New features to simplify member engagement
  • Usability enhancements aimed at improving the experience of using BioIQ technologies

These are just a few of the enhancements to come — stay tuned for updates!

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