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The latest platform enhancements include expanded engagement capabilities designed to optimize participation rates in screening and gap closure programs.

BioIQ’s latest release, available now, includes new tools that empower organizations to create more effective wellness and screening programs. BioIQ now offers enterprises and health plans a comprehensive toolset for driving engagement before, during and after a screening program. Key components of the release include:

Availability of the BioIQ Engagement Engine
Program administrators can now access the BioIQ Engagement Engine directly from the BioIQ Administrative Console. The BioIQ Engagement Engine is a centralized hub for communicating with participants via email, SMS message or push notification. Administrators can send campaigns to inspire participation in a screening program and engage participants in continued health improvement after the screening. Monitor program progress and participation from the BioIQ Administrative Console, then take immediate action to boost participation from the BioIQ Engagement Engine.

An enhanced digital health coaching app for program participants
BioIQ Connect is a mobile app for participants that is designed to sustain engagement following a screening program. Program administrators and health coaches can communicate wellness program details and suggest education modules participants should complete, based on risks identified during screening. Participants can also use this app to track nutrition, fitness, glucose, weight and blood pressure, all from a central location. The app integrates with Apple HealthKit and Fitbit devices to simplify tracking.

Additional enhancements and upgrades that are a part of this release include:

Redesigned health assessment
BioIQ’s Health Assessment, which participants complete as part of a screening program, has been redesigned from the ground up. The new tool includes up-to-date, evidence-based interview questions which drive a comprehensive assessment covering 16 areas of potential health risk.

HealthSync Security Enhancements
BioIQ HealthSync now includes enhanced encryption protocols that ensure that all data, including protected health information (PHI) collected during screening events, remains secure. Enhancements include protections for jailbroken and rooted devices, database encryption protocols, and certificate pinning on both iOS and Android versions of the app.

Interested in learning how BioIQ can accelerate engagement in your screening or gap closure program? Contact us to learn more.

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