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Today in a press release, BioIQ announced expanded market impact fueled by new solutions and the ease of their configurability on the BioIQ Platform. “The rapid growth of our client roster and solutions reflects our strong position as a trusted and tech-savvy partner in the value-based health testing and immunization, analytics and engagement space,” said BioIQ CEO Justin Bellante. “Clients are demanding highly configurable solutions. Our robust platform enables us to configure our solutions, at scale, to meet an endless number of client needs and strategies,” he added.

In 2018, BioIQ has added 53 new contracts, across 38 clients and representing 72 unique solution configurations–all driven seamlessly by the company’s single, scalable technology platform. Twenty-four of those 38 clients represent leading health plans, including government-sponsored as well as private plans.

The announcement comes as BioIQ clients continue to seek greater ability to serve their members and respond to quickly-changing market needs.

“We’re honored to work with many of the nation’s leading health plans and employers and look forward to continuing to support those valuable healthcare stakeholders and the member and consumer populations they serve,” said Bellante, who recently secured $26.5 million in funding, which BioIQ is using to drive continued advancements and support its mission to help transform the U.S. healthcare system and impact more than 100 million lives.

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