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Today, BioIQ has announced it is working with Walmart and Sam’s Club to expand its immunization offering for employers across the U.S.

BioIQ’s comprehensive employer immunization solution includes a high-quality, national network of pharmacists and clinicians and sophisticated tools for coordinating and delivering vaccinations to help keep people healthy. BioIQ will manage scheduling, set up and delivery of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended immunizations for employers at onsite employer events. If an employee is unable to attend an onsite event, or if the employer doesn’t meet the minimum vaccine requirement to warrant an onsite clinic, the employee is able to visit a Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy for a vaccination. This approach enables an employer to drive program participation and keep its workforce healthy.

Providing a successful immunization program for employers requires a fully coordinated solution that supports implementation, management, customer service, logistical coordination, invoicing, processing of consent forms and patient navigation.

“BioIQ’s scalable technology platform, combined with its agreement with Walmart and Sam’s Club, provides us an opportunity to work with thousands of employers to manage and deliver immunization programs to keep their employees healthy,” said Justin Bellante, CEO, BioIQ. “Together, BioIQ, Walmart and Sam’s Club can provide a convenient experience for our customers.”

Walmart and Sam’s Club pharmacies offer CDC-recommended immunizations as allowed by state laws and regulations to patients eight years of age and older. Additional details and a list of available immunizations can be found on

To learn more, please call 888-818-1594 or email

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