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Engaging people to take necessary steps to manage their health can be challenging, including participating in preventive health screenings for conditions including colon cancer, diabetes and cholesterol. BioIQ recognizes the challenge employers face and provides an even broader set of choices to help their employees complete important health screenings and tests. In addition to worksite screenings, at-home health tests, and tests completed at their doctor’s office, people can opt to have their health screening at a walk-in clinic or retail location through eScreen®’s nationwide network.

The eScreen solution is part of BioIQ’s comprehensive participant health screening experience. The walk-in clinic and retail screening service is integrated into the BioIQ Administrative Console and is presented as an option to employees in the BioIQ Participant Portal. Individuals can select the most convenient location to complete their screening, and download, text or email the eScreen ePassport Voucher to take to their screening.

  • Increase engagement in health screenings by providing over 1,800 screening locations.
  • Improve the participant experience by making it easier to complete tests.
  • Seamlessly integrated into the BioIQ screening experience.
  • Easy process for individuals to select the eScreen option via the BioIQ Participant Portal.
  • Activity and aggregate results are integrated into BioIQ reports.

Six Steps to a Seamless Participant Experience

Select the eScreen® option, Walk-in Clinic / Clinic Visit, in the BioIQ Participant Portal

Find and select a convenient eScreen® location from eScreenGo™

Download, text or email the eScreen® ePassport® Voucher from eScreenGo™

Receive BioIQ reminders to complete tests at walk-in clinic screening location

Visit walk-in clinic screening location to complete test

Receive results at time of screening and view results posted on the BioIQ Participant Portal

To learn how your organization can implement a screening program and improve the health of your members or employees, contact BioIQ at (888) 818-1594 or

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