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BioIQ Connect FAQs

What is BioIQ Connect?

BioIQ Connect is a digital health coaching app designed to complement your organization’s screening program. Use BioIQ Connect to track fitness, weight, nutrition, blood pressure and glucose in one place, track progress and access educational resources to help you achieve your goals.


How do I track something?

There are three ways to track:

  1. Click Track Something! from the main screen, then click the category you want to track (like fitness, weight or nutrition), enter your values into the tracking screen and click Track at the bottom of the screen.


  1. Select Dashboard from the menu in the top left, click the tracker you want, then click the Track button near the center of the screen, enter your values into the tracking screen and click Track at the bottom of the screen.


  1. If you have a reminder in your schedule, click the reminder and select Track It from the pop-up. Now enter your values and click Track at the bottom of the screen.


How do I connect my wearable device or steps tracker on my smartphone?

BioIQ Connect can access your fitness data from 50+ devices through Google Fit (Android), Apple HealthKit (iPhone) or directly from your Fitbit.

Go to the Fitness screen (click the menu in the top left, select Dashboard, then Fitness). From the Fitness screen, tap options in the top right corner, then tap Settings. Select Connect Device from the menu and select what you would like to connect.

You will need to give permission for BioIQ Connect to access the data. Follow the instructions in the screen that pops up to select which data you would like to share with the application.


How do I set reminders for things I want to track?

You can set reminders for Weight, Fitness, Blood Pressure and Glucose trackers.

To set a reminder, go to the tracker’s main screen, click options in the top right, select Settings and click Set Reminders. Slide the Reminder toggle to ON, select the day and time for your reminder, then select the days you would like to repeat the reminder. Click SAVE at the top right to save your changes. You will now see all future reminders on your Today screen schedule.

You can turn off or change reminders at any time. You can turn all reminders off/on in the Settings section of your app.


How do I set goals for myself?

Goals can be set for all of your trackers. Go the the tracker you wish to set a goal for, click options at the top right, select Settings then Set Goal (for Nutrition goal screen will pop up after clicking Settings). Enter your goals and click SAVE in the top right corner.


How does the digital coach work?

The owl icon at the top right of your Today screen is a link to your weekly progress report. Each Sunday you will receive a new digital coaching report with tips, links to educational content specific to your risks, and progress reports for each of your trackers.


Can I change the order of my trackers on my tracking dashboard?

Yes, you can edit the order on your tracking dashboard by ckicking the edit button at the top right. Then click the touch and slide each tracker into the order you like. Click done at the top right to save.


How do I control the notifications that pop up on my phone?

You can turn all notifications off/on under the Settings section of your app.


Can I change my text message permissions?

Yes, you can give permission for your organization to send you text messages under the Settings section in your app. If you are giving permission, you will need to click Agree to the pop-up message. You can also stop text messages by sliding the button to off.


How does my Message Center work?

From the Message Center you can receive and reply to 1:1, secure Messages with an administrative or clinical individual at your organization (like a health coach). This works similar to email.

You can also receive Notifications from your organization. These may be notices of events such as health fairs, or other types of reminders and announcements.


Who can I contact with questions about my program?

Please contact your organization’s program administrator or email BioIQ support at