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BioIQ’s mobile app, a workflow tool for wellness screening events, is now available for Android tablets. The app enables clinical users to control traffic flow at wellness screening events, record and upload results in real time, and provide follow-up recommendations to screening program participants.

The Affordable Care Act has created new incentives to promote employer wellness programs, providing employers opportunities to support healthier workplaces and help control healthcare spending. By providing an intuitive screening workflow that is integrated with the BioIQ platform, the BioIQ app supports the expansion of employer-sponsored wellness programs encouraged under the Affordable Care Act. The app is also useful for facilitating hospital and health plan-sponsored community screening events.


With the latest release, clinical users and staffing providers can save body measurements, blood test results and other data directly into the BioIQ system from iOS and Android tablets. Instantly uploading results eliminates the risk of manual error associated with handwriting results and entering them into the system later.

Other key enhancements include:

Alere Cholestech LDX Analyzer Integration: Through a bluetooth integration, lipid panel and glucose test results can be wirelessly transmitted to the app directly from the testing device, speeding the screening process and eliminating the need for clinicians to enter test results.

Eligibility Search: Clinicians can search the BioIQ platform for eligible participants when a network connection is available. Onsite screening providers can use this feature to quickly pull up a walk-in participant’s record and complete a screening.

Follow-up Recommendations: Following an individual’s screening, the app generates next step programs and recommendations, providing clinicians an opportunity to review results and encourage participants to take steps to improve their health. Participants can also tap to request an email summarizing available next steps programs through the app.

WiFi Results Printing for iOS: Clinicians can connect to an AirPrint supported printer via WiFi and provide participants a printed copy of their results immediately following a screening.

Onsite Venipuncture Support: The app now support BioIQ’s onsite venipuncture solution.

For more information, contact BioIQ at (888) 818-1594 or

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