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BioIQ CEO Justin Bellante recently sat down with Atlanta Small Business Network (ASBN) founder and host Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss COVID-19 testing and BioIQ’s journey to bring more convenient care pathways to patients.

In the interview, Bellante offers insight into BioIQ’s origin on the west coast and subsequent move to Atlanta, the company’s recent work to increase COVID-19 testing in the US, and what’s next for the company and for healthcare.

As Bellante sees it, the American primary care model is presently being upended. Telehealth and virtual care solutions have emerged to fill gaps in care delivery brought on by challenges related to COVID-19. The accessibility of at-home testing solutions addresses a similar challenge. As with other consumer goods and services, patients want and need more convenient ways to engage in and navigate care.

To that end, BioIQ recently partnered with P23 Labs and Phosphorus Genomics to offer EUA-approved at-home, saliva-based test kits for COVID-19.

One of the latest at-home offerings is the first self-administered test to combine COVID-19 testing, flu A and B testing, and a 21-test respiratory panel from a single saliva sample. The testing solution couples the safety and convenience of home sample collection with the ability to identify and distinguish between the many common viruses that can cause symptoms similar to COVID-19, potentially preventing unnecessary use of hospital resources in the midst of a second wave of COVID-19 infections.

“Additional RT-PCR COVID-19 testing capacity and convenience through home sample collection is a critical need for employers, health plans, and government agencies,” said BioIQ CEO Justin Bellante. Using a saliva-based collection method is simple and less intrusive than prevalent swab-based methods. This ease-of-use is a key characteristic to enabling the widespread and repetitive testing protocols proposed by experts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

BioIQ’s inventory of at-home and saliva-based COVID-19 testing solutions, made available through the company’s integrated lab network, continues to expand, attracting media and employer attention.

The new at-home testing solutions will be available as part of BioIQ’s back-to-work COVID-19 testing solution for employers.

Watch the full ASBN interview with Bellante here:

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