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BioIQ’s mission is to enable clients to measurably achieve their optimal health improvement goals. Many of you know us for our popular health screening services, but our expertise extends beyond screening and wellness to a wide range of health improvement solutions. Sure, we automate all of the routine aspects of screening a population with our turnkey planning tools, checklists, and account management services. But screening programs are just the foundation for other essential wellness services such as performance measurement, population stratification, and health improvement interventions based on each participant’s risk.

Think of the BioIQ platform as the hub of a wheel. The spokes lead to many types of health improvement solutions, with secure health data as the central organizing principle. Our platform keeps your wellness programs in sync, from sending simple reminder communications to coordinating comprehensive disease management programs. Our integration engine also includes data matching capabilities to ensure patient privacy and satisfy HIPPA requirements.

Tune into this BioIQ webinar to learn how you can create an outcomes-based wellness program that improves member health.


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