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BioIQ Helps Restaurant Company Measure Individual and Population Health—for the Sixth Year in a Row.

Jack in the Box is getting ready to launch its sixth population health program with BioIQ, setting an example of best practices for other quick-service restaurants throughout the United States. The San Diego-based restaurant company has worked with BioIQ since 2011 to institute a progressive wellness program for thousands of employees that includes annual biometric screening, Weight Watchers at Work, a smoking-cessation campaign and other wellness activities. Employees and their dependents can lower their healthcare premiums by completing and passing a cotinine test, which proves that they are tobacco-free, and keeping their glucose and cholesterol results within healthy ranges.

Outcomes-based wellness programs not only require participation; they also require individuals to attain or maintain specific health outcomes. According to the wellness team at Jack in the Box, using biometric data to reveal each employee’s critical health metrics has been a great way to set a baseline and measure progress, year over year. The company offers incentives to help employees meet specific wellness goals—always with an appeals process for individuals who have a legitimate physical or health condition that prevents them from achieving the desired outcomes.

To improve participation and avoid discrimination, Jack in the Box leverages the BioIQ Technology Platform to offer several health screening methods for gathering biometric data from employees and dependents. BioIQ provides secure, personal health dashboards that enable participants to track their progress. Program-level dashboards allow administrators to manage rewards and incentives while protecting personal health information.

As Jack in the Box has demonstrated, the best wellness programs don’t just present members with programs and activities for staying healthy. They also connect them with specific interventions based on their identified risks and needs. Jack in the Box is following these guidelines as they measure the health of their workforce and set reasonable goals for improvement. This targeted, metrics-based approach invariably leads to reduced medical costs, more productive employees, and improved health outcomes.

“We see BioIQ as the gateway to our Wellness Rewards program. It is important for people to know their current health status. Biometric screenings provide a window into this information.”

— Susan Doherty, Program Manager of Health Management, Jack in the Box


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