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About BioIQ

BioIQ is a company quietly poised at the brink of a major industry transformation, with the potential to help solve one of the biggest challenges we have faced in decades. As our country struggles through the global testing crisis and prepares for an even more complex immunization challenge, there is no leader in sight — spurring uncertainty, fear, and confusion. In this environment, lives are lost, industries are crushed, and the economic growth needed for a bright future is uncertain.

BioIQ, grounded in years of clinical evidence with a scalable model for major national impact, and now under the leadership of one of healthcare’s most creative, disruptive leaders, is ready to end this madness. It’s time to get started.

As of April 2022, BioIQ is now a LetsGetChecked company. We have joined forces to significantly increase access to care for all.


Pete Desai
Chief Administrative Officer

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