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Coy Gupta

Chief Technology & Information Officer

 Coy Gupta serves as BioIQ’s Chief Technology and Information Officer. Gupta is a strategic and innovative leader who has led global digital and business intelligence efforts for Fortune 100 organizations and start-ups.

After losing his mother to dementia, he founded BlipIQ leveraging AI focused on healthcare and Alzheimer’s. BlipIQ was recognized as a global finalist for the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE for its efforts related to Alzheimer disease and cognitive memory functions.

While leading the digital strategy for NBC Sports programming of the 2016 Rio Olympics, he leveraged machine learning technology to reach 100 million+ users. Previously, Gupta served as CTO of MyCareWare – developing and launching a platform to enhance the delivery of Annual Wellness Visits for healthcare providers in-person and via remote technology. His background in AI started at Paychex where he architected a data lake as a foundation for predictive analytics to compete in paid acquisition bidding at a multi-million dollar scale.

Early in his career, he founded and led the 5th largest automotive entertainment site in the world. Staying in the auto industry, he assisted Toyota and Lexus USA in re-launching their respective websites and integrating business intelligence where he launched the “Arrive and Drive” program generating over $50 million in sales in its first year.