How is BioIQ Innovative?

CEO and Founder Justin Bellante explains how BioIQ makes it easier for organizations to successfully implement a population health program with innovative technology, helping more people avoid preventable conditions and […]

Industry Insights

Trends in Healthcare: House Call Visits Improve Care Coordination

A Q&A with Thayer Montague, Vice President of Business Development, Advance Health With many individuals in the U.S. underserved by the healthcare system, Advance Health provides prospective member engagement services […]

Spec Sheets

Health Plans Overview

The BioIQ Platform gives health plans a streamlined solution for designing and deploying population health measurement programs.

Industry Insights

What CIOs Want CEOs to Know About Data Security

A Q&A with Wes Rhea, Chief Information Officer, BioIQ


BioIQ’s Platform Approach to Population Health Measurement

CEO and Founder Justin Bellante explains how BioIQ helps organizations launch population health measurement programs to close care gaps from a single platform.


Navigating the Shift to Quality-based Healthcare

Discover three strategies that can help health plans navigate the shift to a healthcare reimbursement model that is increasingly focused on quality.

Industry Insights

How to Incorporate a Population Health Management Strategy for Wearables Technology

A Q&A with Kevin Kenney, Chief Operating Officer, BioIQ


How Leading Companies Sustain Engagement in Population Health Programs

Discover how to sustain health across your population, increase employee productivity and create a culture of health. Guest panelist Dean K. Jenkins, Director of Clinical Marketing in the Physicians Diagnostics […]

Sick woman sleeping on office desk
Industry Insights

Beat the Bug: CDC Recommendations for the 2016-2017 Flu Season

A Q&A with Kristen Nichols Heitman, MPH


Flu Vaccinations 2.0

A study from researchers at the University of Pittsburgh demonstrated a cost savings of $63 to $95 per vaccinated employee can be realized if flu vaccination programs are conducted before […]


The Top Three Ways to Improve Hospital Employee Health

Healthy hospital employees create a better culture and experience for patients. Discover the top three ways hospitals are improving their employee’s health and sustaining engagement.

Alere and BioIQ partnership
Industry Insights

Wireless Transfer of Biometric Data Enables Stakeholders to Take Immediate Action

A Q&A with Dean K. Jenkins, Director of Clinical Marketing, Alere Inc.


How the iPad is Revolutionizing Wellness (Health Screening 3.0)

Discover how proven technology is being leveraged to increase participation and population health, accelerate engagement, improve the user experience and integrate all relevant healthcare data on one platform.

Industry Insights

Leveraging Digital Technology to Increase Engagement in Population Health Programs
(Part 2)

A Q&A with Ashley Reynolds, PhD, RN, ACSM-HFS


Best Practices for Colorectal Screening
(80% by 2018)

Discover how you can easily screen your population for colorectal cancer to decrease healthcare costs and minimize disruptions in workplace productivity.

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